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Sports Illustrated v1 #1
August 16, 1954

After moving from Boston to Milwaukee, the Braves drew 1,826,379 fans. This 1954 cover features Eddie Mathews in a game against the Giants. The Milwaukee Braves expected attendance to be over 2 million that year.


Sports Illustrated v1 #3
August 30, 1954


Sports Illustrated v2 #15
April 11, 1955

Willie Mays’s first cover was only the second baseball cover in the magazine’s history. This cover captures the youthful exuberance of 23-year-old Mays, the reigning MVP and batting champ.


Sports Illustrated v2 #26
June 27, 1955

This issue, featuring Duke Snyder, was the first issue of SI to showcase a player from the Dodgers on the cover. Dodgers players would go on to be the focus of 44 more covers, making them the 3rd most covered team in the history of the magazine.


Sports Illustrated v3 #2
July 11, 1955

When writing the preview for the 1955 All-Star Game, not even SI could have predicted an 11-inning classic in which Stan Musial’s walk-off home run would give the National League a 6 to 5 victory over Yogi Berra’s American League squad.


Sports Illustrated v3 #5
August 1, 1955

Ted Williams appeared on six SI covers during his lifetime.


Sports Illustrated v4 #25
June 18, 1956

The most collected athlete in history, Mickey Mantle appears at the peak of his powers (Mantle won the Triple Crown in ’56) in a classic portrait that captures his visage in more detail than any baseball card ever could.


Sports Illustrated v4 #26
June 25, 1956

This issue, with Warren Spann on the cover focuses on left-handed pitchers, and boasts the great quote from Al Schacht about lefties: “They throw crooked, they walk crooked and they think crooked. They even wear their clothes crooked, so you have to figure they’re a little crazy.”


Sports Illustrated v8 #22
June 2, 1958

After finally surpassing the Brooklyn Dodgers, to whom they had finished second to in both 1955 and 1956, the Milwaukee Braves finished the 1957 year in first place and represented the National League in the World Series. Though they lost to the New York Yankees, the Braves again finished first in the National League in the 1958 season, before eventually loosing again to the powerhouse Yankees in 7 games.


Sports Illustrated v18 #25
June 10, 1963


Sports Illustrated v20 #10
March 9, 1964

This issue of SI covers not only Cassius Clay’s upset victory over Sonny Liston, but chronicles the time between Clay’s emergence as a fighter and his transformation to Muhammad Ali.


Sports Illustrated v20 #22
June 1, 1964


Sports Illustrated v22 #3
January 18, 1965


Sports Illustrated v40 #15
April 15, 1974

715. This cover needed no other words to commemorate Hank Aaron breaking the single greatest sports record of all, Babe Ruth’s career total of 714 home runs. Aaron would eventually go on to hit 755 home runs before retiring, which is a record that will never be (honestly) broken.


Sports Illustrated v45 #17
October 25, 1976

The merger of the ABA and NBA created the occasion for this illustrious cover, featuring competitors Dave Cowens and Julius Erving.


Sports Illustrated v46 #19
May 2, 1977

This cover posed the question Reggie Jackson would answer later that year by hitting game-winning home runs throughout the postseason, garnering the nickname "Mr. October."


Sports Illustrated v56 #3
January 25, 1982


Sports Illustrated v58 #6
February 14, 1983


Sports Illustrated v59 #23
November 28, 1983

This is the first appearance of Michael Jordan on an SI cover. Who could have imagined that he would grace the cover 48 more times for a record of 49 cover appearances — the most by any athlete?


Sports Illustrated v61 #26
December 10, 1984


Sports Illustrated v62 #7
February 18, 1985


Sports Illustrated v64 #14
April 7, 1986

This issue covers Louisville's victory over Duke in the NCAA Championship, as well as the Texas Lady Longhorns victory over Cheryl Miller's USC Women of Troy in the women's NCAA final.


Sports Illustrated v83 #8
August 21, 1995

This wonderful image of Mickey Mantle is one of only 10 so-called "Tribute Covers," or memorial covers, to appear on Sports Illustrated.


Sports Illustrated v96 #7
February 18, 2002