Submitting Your Magazines

You must have a submission account to send magazines to CGC for certification. We offer two ways to submit your magazines to CGC for grading and you can select the option that is most convenient for you:

1. You may submit your magazines as a paid, active member of the CGC Collectors Society.

A CGC Collectors Society subscription account entitles you to direct submission. Once you join, you’ll receive a full submission kit in the mail and gain immediate access to online submission forms. Membership starts at just $39 per year and provide comprehensive access to the most vibrant online community for collectors. Choose the membership level that’s right for you. View Collectors Society Membership Options.

2. Submit through a dealer near you.

If you don’t have your own direct submission account, you can submit magazines through a CGC Authorized Dealer who can assist you to send your magazines to us for certification. Locate a dealer near you using the menu below.

Select your state or country:

Or, if you're a full-time collectibles dealer, you may apply for membership as a CGC Authorized Dealer.